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Building an Empire: How to Grow a Franchise
Posted on January 18, 2011 by My Franchise Law

In this capitalist economy, competition is one of the main driving forces behind the business industry. So, if you are looking to continuously grow your franchise, it will involve more than offering the best of your respective product it requires using creative techniques to get the attention of prospective customers and franchisees and acting on the advice of experts.

An essential part of growing a franchise is building name recognition getting the word out about your business and what you offer is a great start. Depending on what your franchise is about, a concise marketing strategy is one of the first steps. Your strategy could be coupons distributed throughout local neighborhoods, TV campaigns, or another variety of marketing tools – these kinds of promotional campaign can boost your franchise’s image and, in turn, create widespread loyalty among consumers.

Using the resources within your franchise is another great way to facilitate growth. Franchisees can offer a wealth of information regarding how to better improve the franchise, as well as insight into aspects of the business that should be expanded because they have such a positive result. So, putting programs in place to cultivate a thriving relationship between yourself and your franchisees is a good idea. Not to mention that if your franchisees are enthusiastic about the company and proud to work there, they might encourage others seeking to become a franchisee to consider your company.

Every idea you consider implementing to keep growing your franchise should be bounced off someone with know-how. Perhaps the most undervalued asset when growing a franchise is input from experts. And, the experts who can offer some of the best advice in this area are lawyers who specialize in the franchise industry. Franchise lawyers (who have made a career studying multiple aspects of the franchising industry) can provide beneficial direction when considering growth options. Being skilled in legal matters pertaining to franchises means that these lawyers can ensure that the tools you use to continuously expand your franchise are not violating any business regulations. Besides providing advice about legal matters, they can also suggest creative growth avenues that might not be common knowledge to those outside of the legal profession.

In order to help you get an expert’s opinion on how to keep growing your franchise and what options might be right for you, we have an entire site dedicated to finding a franchise lawyer near you. On our site, you can search by state to get a directory of franchise lawyers and what city they are located in. We also have links to important franchising information (specifically geared to existing franchisors) on our website where you can gain insight into litigation matters, franchisee relations and much more.

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